Letter: Religion should be a free and personal choice, not a government mandate

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To the editor:

In the July 15 Echo Press, in a letter to the editor, Roger Krebs reflects on the early 1960s when God and prayer were “kicked out of public schools.“

I attended the Alexandria school system in the early 60s but I didn’t experience or need prayer in school. I went to school for an education, not spiritual guidance. We had release time from school once a week for religious instructions.

In my confirmation class at an evangelical Christian church, my pastor taught that God is omnipotent, nothing in the universe exists without God. Not even science or scientific discovery such as evolution could exist with out the Almighty. If one believes God created the universe, it would be impossible to “kick God out of school” or from any place else.

I appreciate the early 60s when politics were not part of religious instruction. Religion and abortion issues have been hijacked by politicians to advance political agendas. For the past 40 years religion and abortion have been a major factor in every election cycle. It might be noted that the increase in the religious activity in politics coincides with the drop in church attendance across the country. In a democracy, religion should be a free and personal choice, not a government mandate.


Abortion and Roe v Wade are definitely on the ballot this year, nationally and in every state election.

Bruce Kakac
Alexandria, MN

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