Letter: Refusing to wear a mask puts all of us at risk

To the editor:

I am so disappointed with our city leaders for taking the mask off Big Ole. What a lame excuse. Just because the stores are slowly opening. Our city is sending the wrong message.

The need for us to wear masks is greater than ever before. I was immensely proud of our city when they put it up. And of Julie Critz and Dr. Deb for their comments at the ceremony.

People may cry personal freedom. But by refusing to wear a mask you are putting all of us at risk. You do not have a right to do that. You are selfish. One-third of carriers are asymptomatic.

I am thinking a lot about our families during WW II. With the rationing and all they accepted during that crisis. What an example for all of us. Wearing a mask is a small sacrifice.


We have a large elderly population in Alexandria. A lot of us are immunocompromised. I was in the ICU three times last year. Do not put me back in for this virus.

Bradley Holmen

Alexandria, MN

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