Letter: Questions about Voyager Drive speed limit signs

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To the editor:

I am writing in response and thanks to the Echo Press Editorial on Friday, April 29 and the action of the City Council to approve a solar speed limit sign on Voyager Drive.

I live off of Voyager Drive and drive past the school frequently. The term, "when children are present" has always been a bit confusing. Does that mean any time I can see children in the area? When school is in session? When exactly are school hours? (There are staff cars parked by the school before and after school hours)
How long before and after school hours?

I will appreciate and obey something that tells me when I should obey the 25 mph speed limit or the 40 mph speed limit signs that stand side-by-side.

The editorial also mentioned the crosswalk by Noonan Park. I drive past that crosswalk six to 10 times a week and agree that I grow numb to the flashing yellow lights and sometimes forget to look for pedestrians, especially when I encounter pedestrians in the crosswalk only two or three times a year. For the sake of those pedestrians, can we install a "Press to Walk" button at that crosswalk that would flash RED when a pedestrian wants to cross?


Jeff Lindoo
Alexandria, MN

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