Letter: Preserve civics education in our schools

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To the editor:

America is under attack. The perpetrator? The woke mob that seeks to fundamentally change our culture. We must address this threat if we are to preserve our way of life, and one of the biggest ways we can make a difference is to ensure our children have a proper civics education.

Civics comes from the Latin civicus, meaning “relating to a citizen.” In a civics class, students are taught about their rights and obligations as an American citizen. As young people become old enough to vote, this education is critical to their understanding of our government and this important responsibility before entering the polling place.

Unfortunately, not all students receive an adequate civics education. Our nation’s report card, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP,) cites a proficiency rate of only 23% for our graduates. We cannot allow 77% of American young people to fail civics when the future of our country rests in their hands.

My friend and colleague, Rep. Dean Urdahl, and I are fighting to preserve civics education. It is essential that Minnesota requires all students to complete a course for credit in civics in their junior or senior year. This will equip our young people with the knowledge they need to be good, informed citizens and will ensure the health and success of our democracy.


Independence Day is a good time to reflect on our history, celebrate our achievements, and learn from our mistakes. By ensuring all students have a proper civics education, we will preserve the Founding Fathers’ great American experiment for generations to come.

State Rep. Mary Franson

Alexandria, MN

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