Letter: Not everyone can afford expensive gadgets such as cell phones

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To the editor:

A have a very legitimate complaint. So often, on TV, the newspaper, etc., will say, "If you need more information on where to get COVID shots, or need help mentally, etc. in these trying times, just use your app, text or website," or something to that effect. And they show everyone (in commercials especially) using computers, tablets, cell phones like it's easy and a "gimmie" that everyone can afford all those expensive gadgets. Well, guess what? Not everyone can!

Plus, if they do show a phone number, it's so quick, it's ridiculous! So you either have a pad and writing tool nearby and wait for it to be shown again (which could be hours) or channel surf and maybe find it someplace. Or, if you're lucky enough to have a disposable camera, you'll have to take a picture of it. Good luck on that one!

So how are low-income and/or disabled people like myself supposed to get these things/info? I make less than $900 a month, and haven't had a spouse or any other means of income supposed to do anything? I'm so poor I can't even pay attention!

Anyway, I know I'm not alone. But I can't afford a car and my Senior Companion driver can get items for me but because of the virus, she and others can't get rides anymore. The isolation with all of this can and is absolutely crushing if you have mental health issues or even if you're stable, you can end up hanging by a thread too, or barely able to get out of bed and the days can feel like forever!


Seriously, I'm done "venting" for now, but still there's more questions all around than answers aren't there?

Erin Weatherwax

Alexandria, MN

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