Letter: MN tough, MN nice, MN amazing

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To the editor:

In the midst of the extremely cold weather, it is astonishing and heart melting that everyone is able to continue to function on a daily basis.

Kudos to:

Electric companies for upgrading their systems to handle the ever-growing power output needs.

Propane truck drivers delivering propane non-stop.


Plumbers with massive amounts of service calls.

Parents having to rearrange work schedules at the last minute to accommodate late starts and closures.

Small shop owners wondering if there will be enough customers to cover the costs of keeping their business open.

Everyone in the medical fields.

Firefighters dealing with terrible cold and dangerous situations.

Salvation Army and other nonprofits taking in people and giving out whatever they have to share.

Concerned neighbors checking on their elderly friends.

Mail carriers who have their windows open for the whole shift.


Farmers with real concerns of how to keep their animals at least somewhat comfortable.

There are so many more!

Give your loved ones a hug and the power companies a high five!

Denise Zabinski

Ashby, MN

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