Letter: Lenient sentences handed out in Douglas County

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To the editor:

We listened with interest to the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Jackson, and although we aren't Republicans, we share the concerns expressed by many senators about the lenient sentences given to purveyors of child pornography.

Jackson testified numerous times that she couldn't answer the Republican's questions without first reviewing the presentencing reports of the cases. Maddening, perplexing, and perhaps telling was the Democrat's subsequent reluctance to then enter such reports into the official proceedings to that end, claiming that they wanted to "protect the victims." When Texas Cold Snap Senator Ted Cruz suggested that the sensitive and identifying information could easily be redacted, they acted as though they didn't hear him. Perhaps nobody had a "Sharpie" handy.

More alarming, is that one needs not to look as far away as our nation's capital to observe such abortions of justice. Even lighter sentences are being handed down to similar offenders here in Douglas County. Sweet plea bargains, and sentences as light as 45 days of house arrest are being recommended for similar creeps by County Attorney Chad Larson.

Perhaps local Republicans and the members of our press, who are equally concerned with such matters, should be reviewing local presentencing reports and other court records, and working harder to find a suitable replacement for our county attorney. His record of lenient sentencing recommendations disqualifies him from continuing to represent the decent citizens of Douglas County.


Judd and Wendy Hoff
Alexandria, MN

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