Letter: Legislators and media are essential? I'm not too sure

To the editor:

I thought essential meant it was needed! Silly me.

Legislators and media are needed? I’m not too sure. Legislators didn’t lose one cent in wages, pension or furniture allowances. They wore their masks and did social distancing in chambers. I’m impressed. I think they wear their mask every day. They were voted in to represent us but as soon as they are elected, it becomes ME and money. How soon they forget and it seems we do too.

Media didn’t lose anything either and traveled nationwide so we could hear 24/7 how many cases of COVID-19 there were and how many died. Nothing scary or depressing about that.

Our non-essentials will never make up their loss. To earn it back, it will be the rest of us non-essentials that will foot the bill.


Elderly are dying from fear and broken hearts. Many not understanding why family deserted them during their time of need.

Lame brained – can’t think for ourselves. If sick, stay home. If scared, stay home but let us be free to make the choice. The brain is for more than keeping our ears apart.

We lost some of our freedoms with stay-at-home. We can lose more just as easily. Let go and let God.

Linda Corey Fiebelkorn

Alexandria, MN

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