Letter: I want to know more about the candidates for the Seventh Congressional District

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To the editor:

As an undecided voter, I look forward to hearing what the Minnesota Seventh Congressional District candidates have to say about public policy concerns. I ask that print and broadcast media aid me in my political decision-making process by providing in-depth coverage of all of the candidates.

It is still early in the campaign season, but from what I gather from social media there are three main candidates seeking the Congressional seat; incumbent Michelle Fischbach (Republican), Jill Abahsain (DFL) and an Independent candidate by the name of Travis “Bull Johnson.

Any one of these candidates could earn my vote, but I do not want to make political decisions simply based on what I manage to find on social media.

This is where the local media comes into the equation and it is a big reason why we need to support our local broadcasting and print media outlets. National and Twin Cities-based media is not going to provide much coverage of the western Minnesota Congressional race, which means that it falls upon our local media to provide us with in-depth election coverage.


I want to know more about these candidates’ background, their opinions and views on current events and what they plan on doing with themselves should they win the seat. I want to see these three candidates in debates and if they happen to come to my local neck of the woods, I would certainly like to hear them speak.

A healthy democracy requires electoral competition, just as much as it requires a free press. support my local media outlets and look forward to seeing the campaign season through the lens of broadcast and print news.

Edward TJ Brown

Parkers Prairie MN

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