Letter: Hurdles for women in Republican Party are exceptionally high

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To the editor:

Over the past few months, former President Trump has launched a series of racist attacks against Elaine Chao, a woman who once served in Mr. Trumps cabinet. Trumps demeaning taunts against the wife of Republican Senator Mitch McConnell have been met with silence from fellow GOP officials.
Republicans continue to try and diversify the make up of their candidates. This week, former Republican governor of South Carolina NikKi Haley plans to announce her candidacy for President. As a woman of color, Haley is twice as likely as other candidates to be targeted with disinformation. She will encounter a veritable buzz saw of sexist and racist attacks as soon as she declares her presidential run. Researchers found that in the 2016 election, “hostile sexism “ was a primary predictor of support for Trump, second only to party affiliation.
Even in my neighborhood, a permanent political sign is posted supporting Trump with a racial, sexist slur against women serving public office.
The hurdles for women in the Republican Party are exceptionally high. Whether we agree with the policy positions or not, the playing field for women in politics should be equal to men. Unfortunately, in today's Republican Party reality, the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Bruce Kakac
Alexandria, MN

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