Letter: Humans are living 'a way of life' that is destroying the planet

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To the editor:

We frequently hear politicians, especially those on the right, say that they are working to protect “our way of life.”
I wish they understood, or acknowledged, that living life in such a way that the place you live, the Earth, lasts longer than you — lasts longer than your way of life — well, then, your way of life is commendable.
If the place does not survive your way of life, your way of life is indefensible and probably should not be called a “way of life” but, rather, a way of death.
Humans are currently living “a way of life” that is destroying the planet. More coal-fired electrical generating plants exist now than ever before across the globe. It is a “way of life” that is killing much of life on the planet. Human life will not survive the continued burning of coal.

Jon Koll
Alexandria, MN

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