Letter: High school play isn't appropriate for minors

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To the editor:

I'm sorry, but it's time to finally admit that liberals will never allow us to have a say on what our children are exposed to in public school. They are the ultimate arbiters over what is deemed either appropriate or inappropriate for our children to participate in or be taught in public schools. If they do not like our thoughts, feelings, and concerns, they just blare the warning klaxon and accuse us of "censorship," of trying to make kids "live in a bubble," and claim that our kids hear or see things anyway from their friends or online and on TV.

The recent situation with the forthcoming AAHS production of the "teen" version of "Chicago" is an example of this. There is a lot of talk on- and offline about the controversy and conservatives are getting the short end of the stick once again. What else is new?

It's very, very strange that in this current post-Columbine, post-Uvalde era, it's still perfectly acceptable to expose minors to violent content in schools, TV and online.

It's very, very strange that in a country plagued by acts like adultery, exploitation, greed, and corruption, a production that emphasizes all these things and more is deemed appropriate for high schoolers.


It's very, very strange that in a world where child sexual abuse is a long-standing epidemic, AAHS is allowing a musical where minor girls wear slinky outfits with fishnet stockings while dancing provocatively.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Let the warning klaxon now blare.

Jason Hubred

Alexandria, MN

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