Letter: Here's what Biden should do to defeat Trump

To the editor:

So if I were Biden, here’s what I would do. I would keep my eye completely on the president and his actions. All that Trump has going in 2020 is his marketing brilliance. He lets no one and nothing (including facts) get in his way. The day that Covid-19 looks to have receded and Trump crows about how he has single-handedly mastered it is the day that Biden should upstage him and declare a virtual Democratic Convention and accept his mantle.

July: Biden accepts the nomination and names the first member of his cabinet. It should be something emotionally visceral – maybe Interior or Homeland Security. A week later, he names his top economic advisor or the Commerce Secretary.

Next, is his VP, State and Defense. The VP will be a woman who primarily is someone he believes can succeed him and will offer some assistance to the ticket.

Late August: A core team has been defined and will be augmented routinely. Each appointee – from across the political spectrum perhaps even including at least one Republican and even perhaps a disgruntled former Trump appointee - will create a new stir and each will challenge their Trump administration counterpart to a debate.


Over the next six weeks the roster will be completed.

In October, Joe will be on the campaign trail with a cadre of 20 or more – joined at the hip with the sole purpose of defeating Trump. They’ll get a real majority of the Senate (versus the 50 seats won in 2020) and add another dozen to the House.

Joe will give the 2023 State of the Union address. “At 80, no one should be president. Tonight I turn the reigns over to my VP – please welcome the first woman president of the United States of America.”

Dennis Q Murphy

Medford, OR

(Former Alexandria resident)

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