Letter: Happy to see Mary Franson supporting personal choice in health care

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To the editor:

It is not often I agree with Rep. Mary Franson's opinions but this week she has surprised me twice.

In a letter to the editor (July 9), she promotes the idea of high school students taking a civics class. A civics class is critical for young people to learn about their rights and obligations as Americans. It would teach that all citizens have the right to vote and should exercise that right. I believe it would encourage students to support rules that would make sure all citizens get to vote in the easiest way possible.

I am sure it would also teach them that when your preferred candidate loses you accept the results and vow to run a better candidate in the next election rather than rioting and trying to overthrow the government by attacking the Capitol, which happened on Jan. 6.

We don't want that to happen again in America.


The second time Ms. Franson surprised me was in the Echo Press morning update of July 13. On that day, she came out as pro-choice. She stated, "Personal health care should be between a patient and a doctor, not between a patient and the government." Pregnant women also "believe health care decisions should be made between a patient and a doctor."

Ms. Franson, I am happy to see you are promoting civility in government as well as personal choice in health care.

Allen Cooley

Villard, MN

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