Letter: For wearing masks, it's my body, my choice

To the editor:

Does everyone remember the phrase, “My body, my choice?” That’s been the battle-cry for abortion “rights” for decades. It was meant to defend the idea that others couldn’t tell women what to do with their bodies when it came to aborting their unborn children.

Apparently, though, that phrase doesn’t extend to other things, like people wearing masks or refusing some hoped-for vaccine for the current virus situation. No, now everyone is expected to wear masks virtually everywhere, including inside their own homes, until an alleged vaccine is created, which could take several months.

The current idea behind this mandate is that masks will prevent people from getting this virus. The wearing of masks was originally about slowing the inevitable spread of the virus or, as was often put, “flattening the curve” so that hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Well, that’s happened, yet we’re still being ordered, against our choice regarding our own bodies, to wear masks.

So, I guess “My body, my choice” only applies to one specific matter. When it comes to this virus, no one has any choice over their own body. If you want to have the choice to not wear a mask, well, too bad.


Further, I wonder if everyone who is behind these mandates is performing all the proper practices for wearing masks, which include thorough hand-washing before donning them, donning them properly, not ever touching them while they’re on, disposing of them immediately after removing them and not reusing them, and washing their hands again afterwards. I seriously doubt it.

So, ultimately, you can worry about yourself and wear a mask to protect yourself, as that is your freedom to choose if you so wish. Just allow me the same freedom to choose to not wear a mask if I so wish. Thank you.

Jason Hubred

Alexandria, MN

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