Letter: Fly the American flag correctly on your vehicle

To the editor:

For many good reasons, we enjoy the right to fly our flag but there are equally many good reasons we should fly our flag right.

First amendment, patriotism, advocating for a cause, advertising your support for a person or entity; these are all reasons people fly flags. If you decide you would like to participate in flying a flag, it takes some effort. To participate, you must purchase a flag and then you need to determine how you will display the flag.

If you are going to fly an American flag, there are rules you must follow. I have seen many flags on vehicles around Alexandria. Unfortunately, some people who have spent money, time and energy obtaining flags and securing them to their vehicle have not spent the extra five minutes it would take to gain the knowledge on proper flag etiquette.

In less than five minutes I found this rule on various web sites such as and When flying the American flag on your vehicle, “U.S. Flag positioned on its own right as the vehicle moves forward; size of the U.S. Flag is equal to, or greater than, the other flag.” This means you mount the American flag on the passenger side of your vehicle if you are displaying it with any other flag. Also, the American flag should be larger than any other flag displayed at the same time as the American flag.


Please do not pretend to be a patriotic American by flying the American flag on your vehicle without putting in the effort to know the proper way to display the flag. Flying the American flag incorrectly is embarrassing to you and disrespectful to this great country.

Dean Pass

Alexandria, MN

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