Letter: Equality Act is anti-Christian and promotes Satan's agenda

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To the editor:

These days we have the transgender issue and what is God's will. If it is God's will for somebody to be a man, that person will be born as a male. If it is God's will for somebody to be a woman, that person will be born as a female. Jesus said that not all who say Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do God the Father's will. Jesus was basically saying that some people will go to hell because they didn't do God's will.

That is the danger of not following God's will. God can deliver people from gender confusion. Freedom March is an organization that may be of help to people who want to get delivered from gender confusion.

One way Satan tries to become equal with God is to have his ways promoted as being equal or above God's ways. The Equality Act is anti-Christian and it promotes Satan's agenda. It would force Christians to sin or be taken to court or maybe lose their job. The politicians who voted for the Equality Act showed they are committed to Satan's agenda and God will hold them accountable.

In the end times, the Lord is returning to judge the living and the dead and he will judge politicians, judges and others in positions of influence who led this country down the wrong path.


John Miller

Miltona, MN

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