Letter: Elites are playing us for chumps during coronavirus

To the editor:

California has had some of the strictest, most wide-reaching restrictions on businesses and individuals due to the C-Virus fearmongering.

Yet in August, Rep. Nancy Pelosi was caught red-handed visiting a salon in San Francisco that was supposed to be closed down. She even did so without wearing a mask.

Now Gov. Gavin Newsom has also been caught ignoring the rules he himself implemented. Earlier in November, he attended a fancy, expensive birthday party for a lobbyist at an elite restaurant along with several other high-ranking people. None were wearing masks and they weren’t “social distancing.”

Pelosi claims she was “set up.” Newsom said he made “a bad mistake.” Yeah, I don’t think so.


These people don’t see themselves as being beholden to their own rules. The lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, shutdowns, and orders are all meant just for us “peasants” and not “kings and queens” like Newsom and Pelosi.

We’re being played for chumps, folks. The elites are going to use their virtually unlimited emergency powers and threats of imprisonment to keep us under their thumbs while they flout their own dictates.

When will it end?

Jason Hubred

Alexandria, MN

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