Letter: Economic development commission supports ice arena expansion

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To the editor:

The Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission expresses unqualified support for the City of Alexandria’s planned expansion of the Runestone Community Center.

To keep our region moving forward, our organization pushes a proactive agenda at all levels of government to promote the economic development of the region. That includes working with our elected officials, local companies and partner organizations on key initiatives. We target policies that encourage economic development and job growth; including regional expansion of new jobs, creating an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial culture, and the support of local service expansions.

As a professional development organization, we recognize the value of the RCC expansion to support our growing, thriving community. The building originated with a citizen group concerned with the lack of any positive action for the development of an ice arena/multi-purpose building in Alexandria. The RCC came to fruition from public and private investment. Fortunately, our region has grown since its conception in the 1970s and we find ourselves in a similar situation today – the need for more space. This expansion will not only offer more recreational opportunities for our residents, but also provides for increased tourism dollars pouring into our community from both the dry floor events and ice space.

This type of public sector investment is a proven strategy for attracting new private sector investment, which together helps enhance, renew and expand our communities. The Runestone Community Center stands ready to build on its success to date in recreational opportunities, creating the desired ripple effects of enhancing the quality of life for its residents and creating new jobs.


On behalf of economic development, Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission supports the expansion of the RCC.

Nicole Fernholz

Director, on behalf of the Board of Directors of

Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

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