Letter: Driving and talking on cell phones is a problem in Alexandria

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To the editor:

More important than ever here in our beautiful state is the need to change the rules regarding speed on some of our roads. Sixty miles an hour is not necessary on some of these roads in poor condition in our county and others.

Also, you are really at risk when driving the freeway. Oh my gosh, they just zoom by you when you are going the speed limit. At that speed, your vehicle burns more gas and we see the deaths speed have caused.

And now the young man from Garfield, Dave Greiner, has died due to a tragic car accident on his way to weekend guard duty. I can't help but wonder – the report isn't out yet – if the driver of the other vehicle was on her cell phone. As I do my so called "road trips" for pleasure and to see our beautiful state, there are so many people driving and holding their cell phones to their ear. People here in Alexandria are really getting bad with driving and talking on their cell phones. How can you concentrate on driving when in a phone conversation?

Cell phones need to be totally put away when driving. What is so important that you need to be talking while driving? Pull over if you want to talk. Have respect for others – you could just hurt or kill someone with your behavior! I do not have a cell phone as I don't want to become addicted like everyone nowadays seems to be. I ask God to keep me safe every time I get behind the steering wheel. I have already talked with Police Chief Scott Kent regarding the problem here in Alexandria.


How many more beautiful lives are going to be lost? My deepest sympathy to Dave Greiner's family for their loss.

Shirley Syverson

Alexandria MN

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