Letter: Consider donating your $1,200 check to those who need it

To the editor:

Many in Alexandria are hurting. They have lost their paychecks through no fault of their own. Meanwhile, many of us (who are not hurting as badly) will soon receive a $1,200 (tax free) gift from Uncle Sam. While we are not rich, we are among the many who may not need that federal largess and can treat it as discretionary income.

We’re writing to encourage all of you who are in the same position to join us. Please consider either donating all or some of your $1,200 to a local nonprofit which will disperse those funds to those in need; or consider contributing to local businesses so they can continue to keep their doors open and continue cutting the paychecks for their employees who are among those hurting most. (For example, Lake Country Meats in Alexandria has established a policy of discounting their products by 50% to those in need. We also realize they will be unable to sustain this level of giving without seriously jeopardizing their business.)

You can make a difference! In addition to stimulating and reviving our local businesses, your discretionary cash, donated wisely, will go to work immediately helping to feed, clothe and shelter those in need.

Won’t you please join us by:


1. Committing a portion or all of your gift from “Uncle Sam” to the needy; both individuals/nonprofits and/or businesses.

2. Helping us compile a list of the unheralded but community-serving small businesses already doing the good work of helping those who are hurting.

Jim Conn and Roger Schultz

Alexandria, MN

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