Letter: Community helped build new Veterans Memorial Park

To the editor and the citizens of Alexandria and Douglas County:

Three years ago, we embarked on a mission to establish a Veterans Memorial Park in Alexandria, the county seat, for all veterans in the area. This project was well received by the city government, and the park began to take shape.

The project turned into a community project with a location in the downtown area, then known as Legion Park. We soon learned that we had a very supportive community, and the project and fund raising began to move quickly. As chairman of this project, I feel very grateful to live in such a wonderful community.

I feel obligated as chairman of the project to thank the entire community. First, the city government and its employees permitted us to build in a city park that will be cared for into the long-term future.

Secondly, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners donated monuments from the courthouse lawn, and gave us their full support. Then we had endless support from our fellow veterans who donated time, mileage, talents and personal resources to the project.


Then we had people who donated personal resources in funding from their own personal assets as they could afford. We had civic organizations and businesses that donated large sums of money that boosted moral and enthusiasm in the project.

The park is now open and available for the community to use. When you go to the park and see the magnitude of the project, you will agree that we can be very grateful we live in Central Minnesota.

To me this is a Shrine in Time that stands for the wonderful community we live in. Thank you!

Gabe Pipo

Chairman, Veterans Memorial Park Committee

Garfield, MN

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