Letter: Biden's State of the Union Address saved Social Security

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To the editor:

Last week, Biden single-handedly saved the BWCA, and he just saved Medicare and Social Security during the State of the Union using a "Jedi Mind Trick" on the Republicans. He roped them into leaving it alone with a very clever "script-flip." He had the whole Republican side of Congress practically chanting, "These are not the droids we're looking for!"

He bought an extra 20 years for the BWCA with his action, then shot down a Chinese spy ballon for good measure. The same ones that TRUMP had allowed three of to pass over. It was funny listening to the Trumpers call him chicken so boisterously, and then have to immediately eat it their own steaming pile themselves while it's still warm.

I'd say he just bought another 10 years for these programs. I'm 52, so that's some pretty good news.

I've spent the last 15 years listening to Republicans threaten my nice clean water here in Minnesota, and I've spent the last 36 years working hard and paying a lot into Social Security and Medicare. The whole while Republicans tried to cut these programs. Biden is not lying. I will post the Republican proposals that Biden mentioned on Alexandria Minnesota Rebel News , so that the local right wing freaks who can't keep away will see them, and have an example of what it actually looks like to prove an assertion.


Know this: When MTG and Boebert were drowned out by cheers, know that these cheers were for Democratic socialism. This is our country. Now and forever. We will take the mantel. We will guide, steer and protect it and it's citizens from the Republicans who want to destroy it, and enslave the people through corporate facism.

Judd Hoff
Alexandria, MN

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