To the editor:

Congratulations, KXRA Radio!

Not often does a small town radio get national recognition. It has happened, however, right here in Alexandria.

KXRA was recently so honored and they definitely are deserving of the recognition.

We are very fortunate to have local news, weather, activities, etc. every day provided by the fine staff at Leighton Broadcasting.

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Like this fine newspaper, the Echo Press, we'd not be nearly as informed without the services they provide. It's priceless.

First, the golden smooth voice of Patty, the ever hard-working caring of Mark, Joe "on the go", Michael's enthusiasm, to name just a few who help make KXRA special.

As we know, it takes an entire staff, in front and behind the scenes to make it a success. We're hoping you stay with us a long time. Congratulations KXRA, and thank you.

Bev Bales

Alexandria MN