To the editor:

We agree with Laurel Linder (letter to the editor, "LED headlights are a blight in the night," Nov. 12)

We have discovered that all LED vehicle headlights are illegal. LED headlights are causing eye damage, road rage, psychiatric emergencies and dangerous distraction because they do not comply with federal safety standard FMVSS-108 which was written in 1967 and applies only to spatially isotropic radiation in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

LEDs emit anisotropic radiation, which means that the radiation is not uniform and therefore is not in compliance with FMVSS-108. The automakers have been self-certifying their LED headlights as compliant with FMVSS-108 and thus safe, when in fact LED headlights are not legal and not safe.

Over 25,000 people have signed our petition and are demanding that Congress and NHTSA take action to remove illegal LED headlights from our roadways.

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Mark Baker

President, Soft Lights Foundation,

Beaverton, OR