To the editor:

Question: Was any thought given by the auto industry to motorists facing intensely bright LED headlights?

I find the most offending to be on pickup trucks, and some SUVs, that are hauling or towing. This, of course, tips their lights up. On an evening trip, I met a pickup hauling two snowmobiles. When I blinked my lights, he returned with his brights. I had to brake to give my eyes time to recover. Farther down the highway, I met another pickup that had three LED lights on each front fender plus a circular LED in the middle that covered most of the radiator. Now wait a minute; isn't there a limit? With intermittent wooded areas on both sides, this was undoubtedly animal habitat.

For your consideration, I'd like to list my three top "givens" concerning LEDs:

1. A shorter time span for drivers facing LEDs to experience driver fatigue, raising the potential for more accidents, some serious and even fatal.

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2. A higher rate of road rage. I've heard recently that this is already the case. Are LED lights contributors? I'd bet on it.

3. More animal fatalities, both wild and domestic, among those that venture across or along highways. A whitetail deer's eyes are many times more sensitive than a human's and recovery time longer. To elaborate: An example would be a collision between a deer and a motorcycle with an LED headlight. The deer crossed in front of the motorcycle, turned and re-crossed the highway, then appearing confused, ran toward the machine and was struck. Luckily, it was at an angle but injuries to the rider resulted in a six-month recovery, therapy sessions and loss of job time.

I feel that without new regulations and/or modifications, these new headlights will become more of a hazard. In summary, my one-word opinion of LEDs: overkill.

Laurel Linder

Alexandria, MN