To the editor:

Much has been said about supposed election fraud, with extraordinary legislation passed in many states to address “integrity” issues. This, despite the lack of any evidence to support such claims. Are there improvements to be made? Certainly! And people of good will can, with encouragement, bring these forward.

But continuing lies about the last election, the refusal of many politicians to acknowledge certified results, and the recent flood of partisan “audits” and punitive legislation don’t appear to have “integrity” as a guiding principle.

As an election judge, I know my fellow election judges and the election officials that administer our elections all share very important attributes. We love our country, respect our democracy, and regardless of party or policy differences, work to ensure that election outcomes follow the law and reflect the will of the people - ALL the people.

Before subscribing to the drumbeat of truly fake news about election integrity, please take a moment to think about your fellow Americans who work to ensure YOUR will is heard and met. We are not your enemies, we’re your neighbors. We may or may not like a given election outcome, but we are absolutely committed to see that elections are carried out with integrity.

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Pundits, parties, and politicians who work to besmirch our elections and lie to impose their will over the will of the people have integrity issues of their own. Don’t be fooled! And please, be sure to vote!

Mike Anders

Alexandria, MN