To the editor:

I am writing about vaccines. Smallpox no longer exists due to years of vaccinations. The same goes for polio, again due to a vaccine. All children have to be vaccinated against mumps, rubella and measles, before they can enter kindergarten. We all need a TDP (tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough) booster every 10 years. When properly vaccinated these diseases are no longer a threat.

Given the history of vaccinations, why is there such a problem with being vaccinated against COVID 19? Our total vaccination rates are too low, as the pandemic is at the same level it was initially, thousands of new cases every day and double digit deaths every day in Minnesota. The vast majority of these cases are in unvaccinated people.

Rather than being able to return to normal, once again most stores are suggesting masks and all their employees are wearing them. I guess this is our new normal until vaccination rates increase dramatically.

For those people who say “I don’t believe in vaccinations and no one in my family has ever gotten sick.” That is due to herd immunity. Everyone you are exposed to has been vaccinated. The exception is measles. There is an outbreak periodically due to no vaccinations. If an unvaccinated child contracts measles they will be very sick and some may die.

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Lee Heckmann

Alexandria, MN