To the editor:

Regarding the front-page Echo Press story on Friday, Oct. 15, "Blue Cross refers pain clinic to FBI."

How dare you, Blue Cross and FBI slander the pain clinic's name? Dr. Samuel Elghor and Dr. Jeffrey Anderson and all their staff are a successful business in small-town America, Alexandria, MN.

I have 45-degree scoliosis, born without front and back of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. Years past, I've been told can't fix it, or could fuse five vertebrae, but if a nerve is pinched, the pain would be 24/7.

I have been a patient of Dr. Elghor for about 20 years, referred by my internist at Broadway Medical. Through an epidermal and RFA (radio frequency ablation), I have had much relief and chiropractic care but now they don't work. Dr. Elghor asked if I would like to try a pain stimulator, one week for trial for headaches, and wait 10 days. (I have had one headache since the trial.) Then, I tried a trial for sciatic nerve pain in both hips. It worked. I waited 10 days then had leads and a stimulator inserted permanently.

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The procedure was done on Aug. 25. Amen! No more headaches and sciatic nerve pain – gone.

If it were possible and successful, I would sue Blue Cross and the FBI. I would be the first in line.

I believe this message! Pain management is wonderful.

Elaine Delores "Bergquist" Johnson

Alexandria, MN