To the editor:

In response to Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen’s Oct. 22 paid letter entitled, “Education Minnesota should stay out of local school board race.”

Mr. Ingebrigtsen incorrectly writes that “our state’s huge teacher’s union” has endorsed Jeff Patience. In truth, Jeff Patience has been endorsed by the local, Alexandria branch of the union, Education Minnesota – Alexandria (EMA). These union members are not outside influencers. They live here. They are our neighbors, our friends, district voters, and maybe most importantly, they are our children’s teachers. I would argue that their endorsement is not only welcome in a school board race, but critically relevant.

In the senator’s letter, he decries outside partisan influencers in this election. Unsurprisingly, though, he makes no mention of the national 1776 Project PAC endorsement of a candidate or the resources they’ve poured into this local race.

Sen. Ingebrigtsen laments partisan influence and endorsements in a non-partisan election. Yet, in the same breath, he makes his conservative Republican views known and then, in a breathtakingly ironic moment, he, a sitting Republican state senator, endorses a candidate.

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Support our teachers. Make your voice heard on Nov. 2.

Andrew Wiener,

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)