To the editor:

I have heard fairly often in this 206 school board campaign that Maureen Eigen is anti-mask and anti-vaccination. I am Maureen’s father, and I have never heard her say such things. So after the latest round of what I believed to be inaccurate comments in the letters to the editor of this newspaper, I called my daughter and asked her straight up.

She said: “I am a strong supporter of health freedom. I believe your personal medical decisions should be between you and your personal doctor. Whether or not you receive a vaccination or wear a mask is your personal choice. All people should have the right to self-govern their bodies, and individuals should be fully respected and supported regarding their decisions.”

So I respectfully ask community members to please confirm the accuracy of your statements prior to making them. This will help us all accurately understand where our candidates stand on the issues.

Brenton L. Smith

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Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)