To the editor:

During the 2017 and 2019 referendum campaigns, I was a strong YES person who supported the one site model. However, the voters have spoken and it is time to compromise so our district and our communities can move forward and remain viable.

On Nov. 2, Brandon-Evansville District 2908 will be voting on a single question bond referendum that would provide expansions and renovations at BOTH schools and the price tag is under $15 million!

Since the completion of the HVAC updates, the Evansville campus is looking amazing! The plan in this building is to tear down 1917 and basically create a new, secure office area, four more classrooms, a multi-purpose gym and more parking.

At the Brandon campus, the current shop and office area will be transformed into several new classrooms. A new office with a secure entrance, another gym, a new technology center and parking space will all be added. A community fitness center is also in the plan.

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Please join me at the polls and vote YES on this new and revised, win-win plan! Our enrollment is increasing; we need more space!

Kim Dingwall

A Brandon-Evansville District resident

(A paid political letter)