To the editor:

Now that nearly all of us have experienced the roundabout road construction in our county, it's a good time to reflect on why they are so appreciated – at least by some of us drivers.

I'm sure most of us have witnessed drivers running stop signs with increasing incidence in recent years and maybe most of us, including myself, have absentmindedly done so a couple of times in our lifetime. So I think it's time to give kudos to our engineers, commissioners and planners who have designed and built the new roundabouts.

The "circle" certainly is not a new concept in road construction as many cities throughout the world have had these designs way back to ancient times. There is no doubt in my mind that the safety of a roundabout is far superior to any stop sign, cross or diagonal traffic pattern.

But there's one other interesting thing about a circle that I think about each time I enter a roundabout. It allows other drivers to enter and depart the circle just like you, so no one has to feel dominant or recessive – you have an equal opportunity and it forces us to be respectful unless you want to visit the auto body shop! It doesn't allow us to witness death and injury anywhere near the numbers of our other driving experiences today.

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The circle also makes us slow down and think that life is also a circle, and we come and go in life just as others have done. In today's world, instead of "me first" becoming our motto, how about slowing down and enjoying the harmony of a circle? It sure beats losing our patience sitting at a stop light. Or coming to the next stop light right behind the driver who roared past you just a minute ago.

Florian Ledermann

Brandon, MN