To the editor:

Our school district candidates are making personal contact with potential voters, using yard signs, radio and going door-to-door to convince you, the voter, that they are the one for the job. Good old fashion, grassroots local politics.

However, Education Minnesota (our state’s huge teachers union), is spending resources on our local non-partisan school board election.

Voters need to know that this large union almost always supports progressive liberal candidates in state elections. And if you look at their organization, they also defend Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in our public schools. This is something that many parents and myself disagree with.

So my question to the voters: Should a very liberally partisan statewide union get involved in our local non-partisan elections? It’s been my experience that our local voters make sound decisions without outside influence. That’s why I’m supporting Maureen Eigen for school board.

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Be involved and get out and vote this Nov. 2.

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter, paid for on his own behalf)