To the editor:

As campaigns for District 206 School Board’s special election have progressed, it has become overwhelmingly clear Jeff Patience is the best qualified candidate. Jeff’s impressive history of generously giving back to our community and schools, finance background and exceptional business acumen offer benefits that see no comparison in his opponent.

Solidifying this endorsement is an Oct. 25 "health freedom" event being sponsored by opponent Maureen Eigen, who opposes mask-wearing and other COVID mitigation efforts recommended by the CDC, Mayo Clinic, and our outstanding local medical community. Topics include informed consent, masks, vaccines and state laws regarding vaccines.

Her speaker is Dr. Bob Zajac, a pediatrician whose medical license is currently conditioned by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice as a result of violating MN Statute 147.01, subd. 1 (g) unethical or improper conduct, (k) conduct that departs from or fails to conform to the minimum standards of acceptable and prevailing medical practice, and (v) knowingly providing false or misleading information that is directly related to the care of a patient. His violations are all related to the vaccination of children. Eigen’s alarming choices create considerable concerns about her candidacy.

Jeff Patience is the right choice!

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Lori Gibson

Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)