To the editor:

At a candidates forum for the school board on Sept. 13, 2021, Mr. Jeff Patience said he would support mandatory vaccination for teachers. Also, he said that night that at this time he wouldn’t be opposed to vaccination for students should that time come.

This is after he previously stated he would be against the mandatory vaccination in another candidates forum held at Cornerstone Church this past July. The purpose of the public school system is to provide education for our young people, and to enforce health practices is a violation of HIPPA and of their right to education if they chose to opt out but are denied education.

People who are fighting for their health freedom and that of their children are demonized right now by the White House. We don’t need a school board member who doesn’t support the parents in the community and switches back and forth on such a fundamental right to choose. If people want to vaccinate, that is the choice they should make. Because I am pro health freedom and Jeff clearly is not, I am voting Maureen Eigen on Nov. 2.

Miranda Streich

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Alexandria, MN

(A paid political letter)