To the editor:

This is in response to the article in the Echo Press regarding the funding for a larger bridge between Lake Geneva and L'Homme Dieu to allow pontoons and bigger boats to get through. Until I saw the picture of the pontoon under the bridge, I didn’t know how narrow the passage was.

When they talked about the cost being just under $2 million (or in the county’s eyes, one less roundabout), is that just the bridge cost or the cost of raising Highway 29, 5 or 6 feet plus the walking bridge and redoing the block retaining wall the county spent $400,000 on a few years ago? This is a nicety, but who gains? I’m curious what businesses on L'Homme Dieu and Carlos would benefit from this. If property values go up, then people get to pay more taxes. It was also stated that with a bigger channel they could buy bigger boats. Really? The fishing boats today are three times as big as they were 50 years ago and the horsepower is at least 10 times as much. Do we need that?

There must be at least 20 lakes in the Alexandria area that are connected by ditches, creeks or channels that all flow through L'Homme Dieu and Carlos into the Long Prairie River. Originally, I think they were meant to move water, not boats. A few years ago, the channel between L'Homme Dieu and Carlos had to be dredged; who pays for that?

I can see that the resorts on Geneva and Victoria would benefit from this because their guests would be able to travel to different lakes, but that’s the only one I see. Just because the state or county pays for it doesn’t make it free.

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Rod Johnson

Alexandria, MN