To the editor:

On Feb. 25, 2020, the face of downtown Alexandria changed forever. As fire ravaged part of the 500 block on main street, many people's lives were changed as well. That was a difficult day for all involved.

As one of the business owners, it was the start of a long journey with clean-up, demolition and considering future options. As the Echo Press reported, our insurance coverage was not enough to cover demolition and clean-up expense. Because of the asbestos used in these old buildings and the amount of charred debris, the demolition material needed to be handled in a way to keep the loads secure and taken to a specially designated disposal site.

This process escalated the clean-up expense. Now, almost 20 months later, with the help from the City of Alexandria and our state legislators, we were able to receive grant money to help cover these expenses. We would like to thank all our government officials that helped make this happen. We would especially like to thank Rep. Mary Franson for her determination and follow-up to keep the process moving forward.

We are excited to see some rebuilding started and look forward to future developments in downtown Alexandria. We feel blessed to be part of the Alexandria community and to have had the support of the entire Lakes Area.

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Keith and Jean Wilson

Wilhouse Properties and Little Darlings Children’s Boutique

Alexandria, MN