To the editor:

There are many of us at Grand Arbor that enjoyed the fireworks at the school on Sept. 21. It was so nice not to have to go anyplace to see this display.

What a great gesture for the people that paid for this for the students and others to enjoy.

The students have had to endure so much this past year that they deserve to have something special.

The school is a very good neighbor to Grand Arbor as they share the Carolers, the marching band, etc., with us.

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This event was posted on every monitor in the building, including the announcement channel on our own TV. It was also shared amongst residents at coffee.

We at Grand Arbor thank you very much for this awesome display.

Gayle Myhr, Jim and Peggy Haugen, Judy Reese, Jack Helmen, Krissy Anderson, Suzanne Steele, Niki and Audrey Froemming, Ed Porthan, Carol Denke

Residents at Grand Arbor

Alexandria, MN