To the editor:

To say that I was shocked and heavily saddened by the letter to the editor printed in the Echo Press on Friday, Sept. 3 regarding the cleanliness of Evansville’s City Hall would be an understatement. In a time when the world is trying to encourage kindness, it’s sad to think that someone would write such an unkind and false letter to a newspaper.

I checked with our highly qualified city staff and they have not had anyone, that they recall, stop by since we opened back up to inquire about property. One needs to ask why you would do so when our city has a Realtor whose information was posted by any lots or property available? One also needs to ask how you saw a door which said, “employee’s only” and people in the clerk’s office at the same time? Because, if the door was open, the sign would be on the side against the wall and not able to be seen.

As a city councilwoman in Evansville, I am proud of my community and the friendly people that live and work here. Evansville has had many new businesses move in or begin recently and hosted two events with the Central Lakes Trail Association where people from around the nation visited. We had a fantastic Fourth of July celebration and have an active Arts Center, Historical Foundation. We hosted a Storyteller at our school’s open house from Virginia who was amazed at all Evansville had maintained, developed and currently offered. Like many small towns, we are working hard to keep a friendly and growing community.

I hope all who read the previous letter to the editor will come visit our community. I believe you will see for yourself that the Storyteller from Virginia was correct and not this person from Maple Plain who doesn’t seem to exist in any online search conducted.

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Deb Berry

Evansville City Council member