To the editor:

You hear a lot of negative things about the Twin Cities these days. Protests and rioting. Racial tensions. Rampant crime. A lot of unease and mistrust between people.

All the bad news makes a person wonder if there's any goodness or kindness to be found there. Well, we found some. On our way home from St. Louis, Missouri, we blew a tire on Highway 100 near Minnetonka Blvd. We managed to limp the car to an auto shop right off the exit.

The manager, a young man named Tyler, went out of his way to help us; first planning to call a number of tire stores in the area to see if they could accommodate us, then finding a used tire in the shop that happened to fit our vehicle. Within an hour, they had us on our way, free of charge! I couldn't believe it.

Just when you think there's no kindness left in this country, a young guy steps up and proves you wrong, helping complete strangers. There's a lot wrong with our country these days, that's for sure. But it seems there's some good left, too.

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Scott Brown

Leaf Valley, MN