To the editor:

I remember my excitement the first time I voted. Each time there is an election, I again feel the importance of the act, and I am proud to live in a country where voting is my Constitutional right. I take both the right and the responsibility it carries seriously. But the value of my vote is degraded by partisan gerrymandering, the influence of big money, and elected officials who put themselves above the law.

The For the People Act passed the U.S. House and will soon be before the U.S. Senate. This legislation addresses these issues by mandating independent redistricting commissions, requiring disclosure of all political spending, and expanding ethics rules to cover everyone in government, including the president.

The For the People Act strengthens the value of my vote and the votes of my neighbors. That is why I contacted our Minnesota senators and let them know I support this bill. I encourage you to do the same. It is important for all of us that this legislation pass the Senate and become law.

Dani Clausen

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Farwell, MN