To the editor:

I agree with the Echo’s recent editorial (June 4) stating that it is easy to get confused about the COVID vaccine with all the misinformation floating around and that coming from some guy in his basement pretending to be an expert. Your editorial then goes out on the limb saying that IF you believe trusted health experts and health organizations then this issue is clear cut a big IF. Are you referring to Dr. Fauci who flip flops daily and the Chinese led World Health Organization who declared at the outset that the virus was not transmittable between humans?

I neither agree nor disagree with getting the vaccine but I am equally confused with the misinformation generated by the self-proclaimed expert in his basement exercising his right to free speech as well as that of “trusted experts” such as Dr. Fauci and the World Health Organization. I note that the vaccines are trial vaccines and that our government signed off on release of liability to the drug manufacturers. How long is the vaccine good for now talk of variants and booster shots. I’ve been reading recently of younger, healthy people dying unexpectedly.

There are qualified experts on both sides of this controversy leading me to be cautious for a while longer in deciding one way or another. I’m retired and in reasonably good health. I take vitamin D, supplements and avoid crowds. If certain domains demand that I wear a mask before entering their domains, I respectfully comply. I refuse to be brow beaten by the media or our government, neither of which I trust. Right or wrong, I choose to make my own decisions. Although teetering on the edge, this is still a free country.

Ken Krueger

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Alexandria, MN