To the editor:

First, I want to say that I appreciate and enjoy reading the Echo Press. In reading Al Edenloff’s recent opinion regarding the distrust of media, my observation is that there’s a world of difference between our local paper and national news, especially cable news, where reporting seems to be secondary to pushing a political agenda. The guest editorial (May 7) was informative in distinguishing between different types of articles, all of which have their purpose and place, as was the recent article about the First Amendment. I compliment the Echo Press in finding the right balance between reporting news and printing opinions, some of which are apparently controversial.

For example, I read with interest the opinion by Lowell Anderson (March 26). I thought his insights on squirrel behavior were spot on, and the contrast between their behavior and people who allow fear to rule their lives was a good one. Without minimizing the dangers of the China virus, there’s no doubt that there has been fear mongering. Unlike other letter writers, I wasn’t offended by his observations, nor did I take it as disrespectful to those who were appropriately cautious in regard to COVID. It seemed that many reactions to the virus were done in the absence of a balanced evaluation of the respective risks and benefits between alternative approaches. I thought his comparison with driving cars and other activities was appropriate, purely from a risk/benefit perspective. His more recent commentary about the increasing divisiveness of our society (May 7) was also insightful and appropriate.

I worry when people suggest that different points of view should be censored by the newspaper, similar to what is occurring with social media. One thing that made this country great was the freedom of expression, where people are allowed to express viewpoints that are contrary to the majority, even if they are offensive to some.

Kevin Jones

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Alexandria, MN