To the editor:

Michael Brown, George Floyd and Duante Wright would be alive today if they had just followed the police officer's commands. Ashli Babbitt and Justine Ruszczyk were innocent victims that died at the hands of law enforcement. They didn't get a nationalized funeral. They didn't get the national media coverage. There were no peaceful protests of their deaths. There were no riots, destruction of property and battles with police. Oh, that's right, Ashli and Justine were white females and we are told that only Black Lives Matter. We are not to say "All Lives Matter."

Derek Chauvin was found guilty. Justice prevailed but this is not the end of it. in Brooklyn Center, the police chief resigned, the city administrator was fired. The officer is charged with the death of Duante. Yet the public is not satisfied. They claim they want justice, but justice to them means destruction of property. Justice means the opportunity to loot. Justice means they can be lawless in their actions. Innocent people have their property destroyed and livelihood ruined. The mobs desire is to have a mostly inactive police force. What if it were our neighborhood? Who do we call once there are no longer any police? Are we willing to settle for this? This needs to stop because bad ideas have a way of spreading.

Parents, please teach your children respect. Respect for people of authority like police officers. Teach them to look up to those who share their knowledge, like teachers. Teach them to honor people like ministers who instruct them in righteousness. Parents, inculcate these principles into your children while they are young, and your reward will be grown, mature adults of whom you can be proud. They'll be well behaved, and they'll be alive.

Richard Thompson

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Alexandria, MN