To the editor:

(A narrative poem)

It's a once in a generation hand up.

Biden says, "We will all do better" investment in America.

We will build from the bottom up, not top down.

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It's time to launch the "Trojan horse" for a massive tax increase.

Infrastructure package roads, bridges, broadband, R&D $$

Linking higher corporate taxes to pay for projects, reckoning.

Plans $2-plus $3-plus $3 trillion must recruit K economists.

"The laws of economics cannot be repealed." Biden will rescind laws.

Inequity demands policy makers to focus on free market flaws.

K economists explain progressives' goal "to manage the market economy."

Confused? You better believe it. It's the obliterating of neo-liberalism.

In plain English, please. "Government is a minor force in economy."

No more hands off. It's fingers, hands, feet on free market scale.

Biden's K economists are brilliant; plans to reallocate resources.

Focusing on lower income inequality, inequities by manipulation.

Gotta believe Biden; we're all embarking on this flip-flop, transmutation.

Burke Kiger

Alexandria, MN