To the editor:

I am reflecting on a recent Opinion article entitled, “Which America are you going to vote for?” While reading it, my initial reaction was “spot on wisdom.” Until, that is, I got to “far left interest groups . . .” and “hold elites accountable.” I stopped to wonder, is the far left the only problem group to be called out? And, exactly who are the “elites” who should be held accountable?

Our biggest problem today, IMHO, is the polarization that has encroached on the more rational lifestyle that once made us the envy of the world. While it was not perfect, it was better than most anywhere else and we kept working at improving it. The great things historically achieved in the former U.S.A, I believe, were achieved by reasonable people capable of respecting each other. And, willing to accept decisions reached by common wisdom. Seems to me that incredible beauty has been lost and replaced by an insidious, alarming “my way or the highway” (today, a.k.a. “I’ll cancel you”) mentality.

As a citizen well into my senior years, I am confronted with at least three harsh realizations. My generation allowed this destruction of values to happen. Each day feels like there is more reason to be fearful for the future of our families and future generations. At our age, we won’t have to experience the shock and pain much longer.

I can, however, continue to pray for some sort of positive reawakening and continuously challenge all people to believe in each other and relentlessly value and seek common good. “No man (or woman or political affiliation) is an island!”

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Jack Anderson

Miltona, MN