To the editor:

Why do we have so much strife and division? Well, there is a spiritual side to it. Jesus himself said that he didn’t come to bring peace, but division. He also said that if you are not with him, then you are against him. He said that because you are either on his side or Satan’s side.

Nobody is really neutral or independent. Nobody is their own master. If God isn’t your master, then Satan is. If you don’t belong to Jesus, then you belong to Satan. If you are not part of the kingdom of heaven, then you are part of the kingdom of hell.

God can motivate his people to promote what is his will and his ways. Satan can also motivate his people to promote what is his will and his ways. And so there is conflict. The conflict will someday end with one side being destroyed. The Lord isn’t returning to the Earth to negotiate and make peace with Satan. He is returning to destroy Satan and his angels.

Today, there are many people who belong to Satan in our society, in the government, in the media and in academia and it has a detrimental and corrupting effect on the country. America is going down the path of chaos, moral collapse, God’s judgement and ruin. American has fallen so far that it promotes sins as rights. America must turn away from its sins or it will end up being destroyed by God’s judgement because of its sins.

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John Miller

Miltona, MN