To the editor:

As I write this letter, I am aware that the Republican president has brought out the worst in me. Once patient and highly tolerant of idiosyncrasies in myself and others, I have become much less so over the past four years. I see it in others, as well.

With that, I will proceed with every effort to be as kind as possible while calling out religious conservatives on their profound silliness. On Nov. 25, the Echo Press published two stories of particular interest to me. One story was about Mary Franson’s meeting in person with two dozen people in a small cafe to bash Gov. Walz’s management of COVID-19. Most were not wearing masks.

The second article explained that the spread of COVID-19 in Ottertail County is the second highest in the nation.

In my effort to be kind, I am left without many good choices in adjectives to describe the stunning irresponsibility I see in religious conservatives. In the name of “freedom” they say and do things that hurt others. So exclusively focused on protecting the unborn, they have forgotten to care for the born.

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Jon Koll

Alexandria, MN