To the editor:

So maybe we should take a moment and acknowledge that our democracy is healthier than we feared. We’ve endured four years of a president who chose tweeting over toiling and we’ve survived. Without consequences? Of course not. The Supreme Court was realigned in a manner not just affecting the next generation but likely the one thereafter.

Policies have been flipped yet many will toggle back. This spotlights the impotence of executive orders and implores Congress to do their job and legislate. We’ve seen the peril of an imperial president fracturing institutions and the possibility his successor and Congress mending them. Unilaterally dismissing inspector generals for doing their job wreaks undemocratic, un-American, and unacceptable.

Among the most egregious of transgressions is the transformation of the Attorney General into a consigliere. For a monarch or dictator perhaps such alignment is justified but it’s an anathema to a democratic society. Tripartite government demands that the Justice Department be accountable to one of the branches but perhaps that’s not the Executive.

As a nation we’ve survived war – internal and abroad, slavery and internment, recession and depression, and now multiple pandemics. The road is seldom free of debris and the springs on our ride always challenged. But our nation was not founded upon citizens subservient to the president but rather upon a government in the service of its people. Feels like we’re course correcting but we must stay vigilant.

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Dennis Q. Murphy

(Former Alexandria resident)

Medford, OR